Course Curriculum

The 'Triangle of Fire'
Introduction to the ‘Triangle of Fire’ 00:00:00
Heat 00:00:00
Fuel 00:00:00
Oxygen 00:00:00
Combining the elements 00:00:00
Good Housekeeping
Introduction to Good housekeeping 00:00:00
Waste bins 00:00:00
Electricals 00:00:00
Flammable Liquids 00:00:00
Fire doors 00:00:00
Escape Routes 00:00:00
Company Fire Safety Procedures
Introduction to Company fire safety procedures 00:00:00
On discovering a fire 00:00:00
On Hearing the Fire Alarm 00:00:00
Fire evacuation for people with disabilities 00:00:00
New fire safety signs
Introduction to fire safety signs 00:00:00
Directional Signs 00:00:00
Safety equipment locations 00:00:00
Fire action sign 00:00:00
Assembly points 00:00:00
Dealing with smoke
Introduction to Dealing with smoke 00:00:00
Closed doors 00:00:00
Trapped in smoke 00:00:00
Types of extinguisher
Introduction to extinguishers 00:00:00
Extinguisher label icons 00:00:00
What do the icons stand for? 00:00:00
Extinguishers 00:00:00
Water extinguisher 00:00:00
Foam extinguisher 00:00:00
Powder extinguisher 00:00:00
Co2 extinguisher 00:00:00
Wet chemical extinguisher 00:00:00
Types of fire
Types of fire 00:00:00
Type A fires 00:00:00
Type B fires 00:00:00
Type C fires 00:00:00
Type D fires 00:00:00
Electrical fires 00:00:00
Type F fires 00:00:00
Using fire equipment
Using fire equipment 00:00:00
Using a fire extinguisher 00:00:00
Using a fire blanket 00:00:00
Using fire alarms 00:00:00
The Game
Game 00:00:00
Fire Safety Quiz Unlimited
Finishing up 00:00:00
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